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Summer 2019: Colour in Motion

For the Algorithmic Photography Summer Collection 2019 we have chosen the theme “Colour in Motion”. Six brand new photographs are now available in the shop for purchase as high quality A2 and A3 prints.

From Koi Carp swimming in downtown Guangzhou in China to boaters getting stuck in a tree on the River Cherwell in Oxford in England these photographs were taken around the world during my many recent travels. They capture the vibrant and complex motion of birds, fish, people, and fairground rides revealed using the latest algorithms that I have been developing.

The photographs are printed on Hahnemühle Photo Glossy 260 paper to provide dark blacks and dynamic colours and are perfectly sized for immediate use in A2 and A3 frames that can easily be bought online and in art, craft, and photography shops. They look best with a 40mm mount but can be framed without.

Click here to see the Algorithmic Photography Summer Collection 2019.

The Autumn Collection will be available on November 1st 2019. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified.

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Presenting at IMPAKT

Last week I was in Utrecht taking part in a conference at IMPAKT about future life that was inspired by the ArchaeaBot installation we made, which is part of their current exhibition.

As part of chairing a panel called Future Digital Life: A World Without Us? I gave a short talk about my art practice including an overview of my Algorithmic Photography technique.

I was inspired by the quote from the Philip K. Dick story A Scanner Darkly (also made into a film by Richard Linklater):

What does a scanner see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does a scanner see into me – into us – clearly or darkly? I hope it sees clearly, because I can’t any longer these days see into myself.

A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick (edited)

Throughout my exploration of computer vision techniques, which have certainly informed Algorithmic Photography, I’ve always been interested in how the ‘eye’ of the computer sees us and how we perceive it sees us. In the age of machine learning, where big data algorithms perceive us in ways that may have direct impact on our lives, we certainly hope it sees clearly.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any photos during my short stay in Utrecht, but there are more travels to be had shortly!

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Algorithmic Photography

Hello, and welcome to where you can find exclusive limited edition digital art prints of the images I have created using a technique I call Algorithmic Photography.

The images are created from videos that are usually around five minutes long, but could be anything from two seconds to two hours.  Each frame of video is then run through one of the many algorithms that I have written that decides what information to add to the final image.

As an artist, I’m travelling fairly constantly and this gives me the wonderful opportunity to take photographs all around the world.  You will see pictures from Brighton (UK, where I live), Helsinki (Finland), Venice (Italy), and beyond.

Seagulls circling over the visitors to Brighton pier

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