Gijón Beach


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I spent August 2018 in the city of Gijón on the north coast of Spain for an EMAP/EMARE residency building an underwater art robot at LABoral.

Gijon is where the Spainards from Madrid and the south go for their holidays when those regions get too hot.  Overlooking the Bay of Biscay, the beach is golden and proceeds out at a very shallow incline for miles until you reach a steep drop off that makes it a popular destination for deep water scientific research.

August is a month of festivities mainly focussed around the drinking of cider.  The Asturias region is famous for its particular style of pouring cider with the bottle held above head height and the glass held as low as possible with the stream of cider hitting the top rim of the glass to get some effervescence into what is otherwise an entirely flat cider.  One pours a quarter of a glass and drinks the whole lot immediately in one go.  The process required quite some practice but I was a diligent student and got quite proficient.

For me, this photograph captures the memories of the colours and vibrancy of the beach in Gijon.

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