Seagulls in Piazza San Marco


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5 minute exposure of seagulls flying around St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

This was the first image I created of birds in flight.  I was, and continue to be, struck by the way the physical relationship between the birds and the surrounding architecture is revealed.

It captures a timeless motion, where there is no obvious beginning or end that one can make sense of, just a great joyful mass of natural movement that beautifully juxtaposes the rigidity and long straight lines of the human-made architecture.

I also like all the architectural elements that jut out and ‘invade’ the sky: the imposing St. Mark’s Bell Tower, the flag poles, and the black, teeth-like guttering that poke out on the left.

Created in February 2018, the subdued colours reflect the cold winter conditions, and yet there is so much alive in this image; so much motion that one cannot help be drawn into the swirling complexity.

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