Rampion Wind Farm Turbine


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Alongside electricity pylons, I also really like wind turbines!  For their supply of clean energy, of course, but also the aesthetics of their tirelessly spinning form.  There is something immediately understandable about these structures, although the specifics of the technology behind them is intricate, unlike coal or nuclear power plants that are buildings with their interesting workings hidden far from view.

Rampion Wind Farm (named after the round-headed rampion (Phyteuma orbiculare), also known as the Pride of Sussex) was completed in 2018 off the coast of Brighton, UK.  There are boat trips that run from Brighton Marina out to the farm that takes a very pleasant couple of hours there and back.  It was on one of these trips that I took this image as we passed close by one of the massive 140m tall turbines.

The picture captures not only the rotation of the blades, but also the movement of the boat travelling over the waves, causing a fantastic interplay of sinusoidal and rotational elements.  Looking closely at the image reveals beautiful subtle patterns as the edges of the blades caught the sunlight.

I didn’t have to use any video stabilisation on this image, just my trusty GorillaPod secured to the edge of the boat.

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