Seagulls over Brighton Pier


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5 minute exposure of seagulls hovering over Brighton Pier looking for opportunities to steal chips from the people below, with the trails of people on a crowded summer beach.

You have to be wary when enjoying a fresh bag of chips when walking along Brighton Pier.  The locals know to hold food close to your body or cover it with your spare hand.  Anyone wandering along holding their donuts precariously out to the side will find multiple seagulls hovering directly over you looking for a moments chance to dive in and grab some food straight out of your hand.

While this can be a little scary to an unsuspecting visitor, it certainly doesn’t keep people away.  This bustling scene captures the beach covered by tourists enjoying food and drinks in the warmth of a sunny afternoon.

There is a wonderful tension between the domains of sky, sea, and earth in this image, with the human-made pier extending (intruding?) into the sky and sea, and the birds looming above, ready to descend upon the helpless people below.

As there were so many people on the beach that day, they have dissolved into a fantastic tangle of motion and colours that captures the movement in a raw, abstracted way.  However, there is only one algorithm that is used across the whole image which interprets the people and birds in a dramatically different style.

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Hahnemühle Photo Glossy


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